Curry FBL-FLX Flugelhorn Mouthpiece
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Auteur:  Trumpetfun [ 22 apr 2023 16:29 ]
Berichttitel:  Curry FBL-FLX Flugelhorn Mouthpiece

I am selling a brand new and never used Curry FBL-FLX Flugelhorn mouthpiece (silver plated). I was never put into a mouthpipe and has no dents or dings or any other kind of marks.

It has the rim of an old Maynard Ferguson FBL mouthpiece which he played from 1969 unti 1973 in London. A wonderful comfortable rim with a diameter of .613'' (15,57mm).

The cup is a custom one from Mark Curry. A FLX cup which is even deeper than his deepest standard flugelhorn cup (FLD). The sound is very warm, dark, deep, rich and round. The intonation is outstanding even in the upper register.

It has a Curry Universal Shank which is an inovation of Mark Curry. It fits all types of flugelhorn mouthpiece receivers.

Included is also a Bob Reeves mouthpiece pouch for 5 mouthpieces in black leather.

I can send some photos and a comparison scan of a FLD and FLX cup.

It costed me EUR 170,- (shipping costs, fees, taxes etc. from USA included). I am selling it for EUR 140,- including shipping.

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